Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wee Break For Carny Hands

I'm trying to figure out different options for printing the big lino.
I'm planning on rice paper.
But I wanted to try printing on other materials.
Starting with this linen.

The engraving, A Foolish Virgin, is by Martin Schongauer (c. 1440-1491). He was an influence on Albrecht Durer. With umlauts.
I came across it in a book called Great Prints & Printmakers-Herman J. Wechsler.
It struck me.
I did this lino last year.
I was working on a couple of additional layers that I stopped working on.
Sidetracked by the Big Lino.
The layers may or may not reoccur...depends, really...
What I like.
I'll do some of these on rice paper as well.

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