Saturday, August 11, 2012

Witches Songbook Redux

New, larger, faster, silk screen versions of 2 of the Witches' Songbook linocuts.
Mount Dracula is nowhere to be seen.
Hidden deep inside.
22" x 30".

I like to use the word Redux.
I hear the guy from moviefone in my head:
You have selected Apocalypse Now Redux...

What We Do Is Secret

This is a new silk screen version of an old linocut
print from the early 2000s.
I was still living in NYC when I made the original.
With an eye on LA.
3 color silkscreen, 22" x 30".
Available at glassine

Traditional Roles

Gilda: Dead Cities

A Different Dream


This is a recent series of screen prints. All 22" x 30"
All available.
They work nicely as a set.