Thursday, November 19, 2009

And More Prints

I had to reprint this image. Wasn't satisfied the first time round. This image is called Vague Ultimate Bedroom. The other print-the image that's in the masthead- is called Drunk In My Past. Printed that the other night. This is the type of fascinating commentary you can come to expect from this blog. Posting at the very end of the day. Well, just before the dishes. Printed a few of these smaller (12" x 18") print collages, as well. I'm excited about the next batch of screens.

Just recently printed the Jager Bombs poster. It's from a painting of mine from a couple years ago. The paper size is 26" x 26". Small edition, around 25. My friend Eduardo Benedetto came over and helped me print. It required another pair of (clean) hands.
And speaking of clean hands. Dishwashing liquid is a nice way to get the first few layers of ink off your hands. Goodnight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Highland Park Confessions

This is a series of silkscreen drawings from 2009. I like to title things, so these have lots of titles.
This series is called Big Cakes. Within the larger, more open ended series entitled: Highland Park Confessions. And then each piece has a title: The Memories Faded, As Above, Water + Power, Lost, Memory + Desire. 12" x 18" each. Silkscreen and media on paper

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Prints

These are the third and fourth of the new silkscreen series I'm printing.
I printed the raven/skull piece (A Caw A Caw) on Halloween early am.
It was appropriately spooky in the studio.