Friday, October 29, 2010

13 Altars Pt. lll


Big Cakes

Blue Bedroom

2 Candles


13 Altars Pt. ll



The Lam



New Old Friends: 13 Altars Pt. 1

Vague Ultimate Bedroom



Beer Fridge

Green Door

I haven't posted anything in a long time.
Pretty much since my little girl was born 9 weeks ago.

I had a numerically crazy birthday: turning 44, born'66 on 10 10 10.

Been trying to figure out the next project. And trying to figure if I can do it and sleep.

I needed to make some room in my studio.
So I had a studio sale on my birthday.
It was nice.
Didn't clear enough room.

But I took stock.

Going to be posting older silkscreens.
For sale.

The first series is called 13 Altars from 2008-9. This series was the precursor to the work in the Hex Opera series-which I still haven't posted all together. Soon...

all these silkscreens are 12" x 18"
(except Blue Bedroom which is 12" x 16.5"
Limited editions ranging from 10 - 30 (most editions of 17)
$30 each, which includes US shipping & handling
Overseas, I gotta figure out still...
contact me @

There are 15 images in this series.
Gonna do consecutive posts.
And soon-hopefully-subsequent posts of older print series, linocut as well as silkscreen.