Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Priestess: First Attempt

This printing was fraught with error.
This is one case where I like the fuck ups a lot more than the regular prints.
There didn't end up being too many regular prints that weren't fucked up, at least a little.
But I liked the completely off printed newsprint ones.

And I'm gonna do a single black run.

And the cover of the Hex Opera series.
This print, but more Italian Horror/Give 'Em Enough Rope.

That candy box is in there because it's at eye level with me at the computer. Almost back of the head level, really. This is what imprints.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Up The Stairs

This is my latest print from the series.
Printed last Friday.
And some studio shots.
Series is winding down. One more screen, well, at least one more...
For the cover.

I'm letting it drag a little here.
Not quite ready to finish this.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leila Waddell

I printed this one, The Other Twin, last week. And before I put it up I wanted to elaborate a bit about this image.
It's from a photo of Leila Waddell.

When the Goldmine Shithouse was at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin in November 2007, Travis Lindquist brought the picture with him. Knowing I'd love it. I'd seen it before, but been hesitant to use it-on account of the Crowley association. But, it made perfect sense to attempt to invoke a witch
in Berlin.

There is all kinds of footage of her presence during our residency on youtube. Goldmine Shithouse Strychnin Berlin Residency or combination thereof will get to some nice stuff.

I did a small-ish lino. We printed that on rice paper.
And made it into a silkscreen for the t shirt party halfway through the residency.
And then did a large lino in a number of pieces of a distorted version of the smaller lino print-that I achieved by printing through the rice paper onto a heavier paper.
We had a lot of people helping cutting the big lino. I think it's 8 or 9 separate blocks,mostly the same size, but a couple larger pieces that I bought in Berlin. I brought most of my linoleum cut up to it fit into the back of one of my silkscreens. What I didn't bring was a buttload of blades for the lino cutters. So we had a lot of people helping cut, with dull blades, and the lino is really hard, because it's really cold. And really moist. Really large and heavy oil based prints on rice paper in wet climates, take forever to dry. The large print managed to get into one piece, which I don't have a picture of. It's a beautiful piece, but it could have been nicer. I wasn't finished with Leila anyway.

Travis and I had a show the following March at the Grey Gallery & Lounge in Seattle. Eduardo Benedetto helped me print two copies of the large Berlin lino in my studio in Los Angeles before the show. Which was done Shithouse style, but we also both brought work...
And brought the Crowley Mistress screen with us to Seattle.
There are two pictures of the print in Seattle. The one with the candle beneath it.
We put the other one together as well. We burned it. And filmed it. Have to find that footage. Rice paper prints go up fast. Like magic paper or something.

Still wasn't finished.
Not sure if I am now.
There is a small print with two other women on it. That's a print from the 13 Altar series. A somewhat precursor to the current series of prints.
The latest print is from the silkscreen/lino combo piece The Other Twin.
I felt Leila needed to be in the current series.

The pictures aren't in chronological order...